Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pasta playing fetch in the sea

This blog is becoming more like Pasta's blog! Hhmm...

Last weekend, Pasta and I were at the beach with colleagues and trainees. The trainees were finishing their course with us and it was time to party! I was so excited to go to the beach, more so because I was bringing Pasta with me. Pasta's first time to meet the sea was quite funny. She must really be wondering why it was so salty. But later on, she couldn't get enough of swimming. I happily obliged, of course.

Bringing Pasta to the beach was like bringing kids. Leash? Check. Collar? Check. Toys? Check. Towels? Check. Snack (apples)? Check. She had a bag of her own! On the way, she threw up, though. Her first time to go on a long trip!

Having brought her toys, we played fetch. I'd throw her beany to the sea and she'd fetch it for me.She was really up to it! 

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  1. Nice post. Kakatuwa yung video. Very good dog.

  2. Gay!!! This is so fun!!! Pasta's so big already, and she's so adorable!!! No wonder she's taking over this blog :P *peace*

  3. Heids, I don't mind you saying that :) Bitin nga eh, I want to bring her to the beach again.


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