Thursday, December 24, 2009

Her name is Pasta...

It took me some to finally name her, but I've decided to call her Pasta. For so many reasons, foremost of which is that I had a small black dog once named Pasta (1989-1999). Now, I've got a soon-to-be big black dog. That's how long I've loved eating pasta dishes. Since high school! Life in GenSan is almost complete!

Now, this girl is really, really playful! Striking a pose here and there...

Playing with her favorite toy.

Curious as a cat.

She knows how to sit and lie down, too!

You're probably wondering who won the Team Pacquiao shirt, right? Thanks to all of you joined my contest. For a while, I was torn between Midnight and Sandwich, but I really wasn't to keen on calling her that. I listed down all the commenters here, also those that commented on Orman's repost and used to select the winner:

And # 12 on my list is Leonard Pe!!! Thanks to all who joined my mini-contest.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The PBA and me

I haven't watched a PBA in so many years, I was really excited to watch my first live PBA game right here in GenSan. Thanks to GenSan News Online Magazine and Paperview for a free all access pass I was able to get a premium seat right behind the basket. Right where the action is.

Most of the players are new although I saw some old faces. Gosh, the players I remembered then were Paras and Magsanoc and that was when the Shell team was still around. Yeah, I rooted for Shell then. The only one I really remembered was Kenneth Duremdez who was there as coach for the Coca Cola Tigers. And that's who we sort of "stalk" to get our pictures taken!

          All smiles after the game.

Monday, December 14, 2009

A dog with no name

I need your suggestions, guys. I just got for myself a black labrador retriever. She has no name yet. So she's still referred to as "a dog with no name".

Can you suggest a name for her?

This is a contest and all you need to do is suggest a name for her. Write your suggestions in the comments section below, don't forget to include your contact details. I will browse through the comments for the names, though I can't promise I will select from the entries. I just need ideas. All entries will be entered into a random drawing.

The prize?

A Team Pacquiao t-shirt, size and color of which will be the choice of the winner. This prize is valid only to entries with a Philippine address (anywhere there is JRS or LBC).

For my international readers, don't worry. If you are selected, I will send you the latest issue of local magazine of your choice (Entrepreneur, Foodie, Good Housekeeping, etc...).

Contests close on Thursday, Dec 17 at 3pm (Manila time).

Saturday, December 12, 2009

First Christmas caroling

Last night, several young girls came knocking and asked if they could go Christmas caroling. They had a letter from a children's foundation in downtown GenSan. They even had instruments with them, a violin and a banduria, I think. As for the songs, oh ooh.... I can't remember what they played. Sheesh!

Friday, December 4, 2009

A Year of Firsts

I have been in living in Gensan for almost a year, turning one in the same day as Manny Pacquiao's birthday. So many things have happened over the past - I had my first bloggers' EB at Coffee Club 101, my first field work as a corn breeder, my first time to live alone after many years of being a graduate student, my first time travel from south to north of Mindanao in one day. I also graduated with my PhD last June and took my first zip line ride. I did a lot cooking and concentrated on tuna dishes. The biggest challenge of all has been getting adjusted to Magandang Gensan's way of life. It has also been like coming out of my shell when it comes to being a food blogger, getting recognition from the Philippine Blog Awards as well as being considered one of The Year's 10  Best Local Food Blogs.

What do I like about living in Gensan? New found friends that made me sane and many activities to look forward to. This weekend, it's a PBA game. Next week it would be Sarah Geronimo - the Next One Concert - the last leg of her Philippine Concert Tour. Again, GenSan News Online Mag is leading the way in giving free tickets to watch the show! How? By answering the challenge of 5 Reasons why you should watch ‘The Next One Concert’ BLOG Contest.

So here are my reasons:

1. It would be another first for me - I have never watched a pop concert before, confining myself to classical music and the like.
2. I want to have a look at the GenSan music scene, how active Generals are in activities such as this.
3. Give a chance to meet Sarah, I would love to cook for her my tuna dishes!
4. It would be great to watch Sarah perform in person as I have been amazed at her singing prowess for a few years now.
5. Give me two tickets, so I can invite a guy I'm interested in! :)

Now, aren't those reason enough?

The people behind the successful SideA, Air Supply and David Pomeranz concerts this year is again bringing this big event to GenSan - Michael Wee’s Dreamwork Ventures has been leading the concert scene in bringing to the Generals the best entertainment. Who else are performing with Sarah? Mark Bautista and Billy Crawford so the show's going to be a triple treat to everyone. Besides, prices are affordable at P300, P750 and P1500 and what with all the other performers (JR, Simon Wood, Jimmy Marquez), you can't loose!

Other sponsors are Cebuana Lhullier, Jollibee, Sony Ericsson, Belo Essentials, Magnolia Fruit Drink, Skechers, Sunsilk, Vaseline, Ladies Choice, Careline and Charmee.

Local partners are the Local Government of GenSan, Grab A Crab Restaurant, Coffee Club 101,East Asia Royale Hotel, Giacomino’s, Gregoria Printing Press, New York Fries and Dips, Gaisano, Miso Hardware, Skycable and High Frequency Productions.

Tickets are available by calling the following #s (083) 554-5430, 301-0555, 0917-3639191, 0932-4344794.

So see you all at concert!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Live in GenSan: Coca-Cola Tigers vs the Talk ‘n Text Tropang Texters

I started this blog to highlight the many things I experience in GenSan. While Manny Pacquiao and tuna are first and foremost in the minds of my readers, another GenSan gem is the GenSan News Online Mag a.k.a. Bariles Republic as I knew it first. It was one of the first blogs that helped me in my decision to come accept my current job in Gensan. Well, Bariles proved to be one of my new-found friends in GenSan as well.

Not only will you get the latest news about GenSan, you get freebies as well like his latest blog contest, tickets to the upcoming PBA Game in GenSan between the Coca-Cola Tigers and the Talk ‘n Text Patrollers on December 5, 2009. While I'm no fan of basketball (I am more of soccer/football fanatic), there is always the first time to watch a PBA game. So many firsts in GenSan over the past year, why not watch the Coca-Cola Tigers vs the Talk ‘n Text Tropang Texters' game in the famous GenSan Gem, este, Gym pala?

Thanks to the General Santos Local Government and the PaperView Office and School Supplies for making this event a reality!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Team Pacquiao

Besides tuna, another great idea for pasalubong would Pacquiao souvenirs you can buy from the newly-opened Team Pacquiao store at Robinson's Place, Gen San.

T-shirts, key chains, mugs, sports jackets and bags and jogging pants... towels, bags and more. There are several selection of t-shirt designs, priced at around 420 pesos per shirt. Not that bad.  Oh, and there are caps too.

The shopkeepers are friendly and quite used to people taking a lot of pictures, like I did. Next time I go visit my parents, I'll be sure to get some shirts for my dad. I think the items sold here would make popular pasalubong.
You can take a pose with Pacman, too!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tsokolate eh!

This is one favorite product from nearby Tupi, South Cotabato that I really love - tablea from Kablon Farms! This is my perk me up on weekend mornings, when I can really laze around during breakfast, sipping tsokolate eh as I read a book.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Manny Pacquiao's mansion

This is a popular question whenever I go home to Los BaƱos - have you seen Manny Pacquiao's house? For several time I went home, I always say yes, because it is on the way to the office. But I couldn't show off a picture as proof. Anyway, getting a new cellphone with 8MP camera gave me an excuse to take a picture outside.

Next stop: a closer look... wish I could get inside his house!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Manny Pacquiao everywhere...

What else would you expect, you know? This is the hometown of the world's most famous boxer. Every street corner has his name. Take this huge billboard for example, at the intersection of Pioneer Ave and Acharon Blvd.

This is probably one of the many things you can do here in Gen San, go on a Manny Pacquiao tour - have a coffee at Blue Gre, shop at Pacman's Convenience Store, meet Mommy Dionisia, or go window shopping at Jinkee's Fashion World. Not to mention, a visit to his house in Lagao.


General Santos City is a melting pot of people, culture, and languages. At the least, three main languages are spoken - Filipino, Cebuano and Ilonggo. I am fortunate that I already knew Filipino and Cebuano. Ilonggo is a challenge though I could follow the gist of Ilonggo conversation.

Halong! This is one of the first Ilonggo words I've learned. It means "take care". I like to use this one whenever I say good bye, or a friend is going on a trip or just to bid my friends good day.

I've been living in Gen San for six months already. Bit by bit I've learned and explored the many gems around me. Join me a I find my way around Gen San and it's surroundings.


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