Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Kikay in Me

My work involves a lot of field work – be it out in the mud when I was doing rice research as a PhD student up to now that I am working as corn breeder.

 Long hours in the sun meant I need to get as much screen protection as I can. Back then, my only concession was a Nivea SPF30 lotion since I don’t  like putting anything in my face. That was then.

Now, belatedly, I am more careful of my skin and my body. It must be my age, haha... It was a series of discovery or rather curiosity, much like science. I started with a curiosity for foot spas and my love affair with foot spas began. Then massage... which I try to squeeze in every time and everywhere a chance occurs. I love it particularly after several days of road trips and field work. There’s a rice conference that happens every five years in Manila, and I have a partner in crime to go for a spa. For twice in a row already, Rebecca (another rice researcher from the US) and I would always sneak out from the conference and spend a few hours for massage. Our next date would be 2014, but I'm hoping it would be sooner. In  my recent trip to Thailand, I just had to try Thai massage in a massage school at Kasetsart University. I loved every moment of it and that was a perfect way to end my trip to Thailand.
Now, a facial is a must, I learned just last year. I’d like to imagine that getting a facial removes all the pollen that’s collected on my face! These days, my “beauty” regimen consists of a clear soap, a toner and a moisturiser. Make-up, not even lipstick, is still a no-no for me.
Methinks, I’ve said too much... This just proves that scientists are never boring people. We are as kikay as the next person! Hence this blog post, as I would very much like to win the cool prizes for “The Kikay in Me” blog contest sponsored by  KikayMuch.meShoppingera.net, and GetPrettified.com, and HairsandNailsSalon.com.

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