Thursday, December 24, 2009

Her name is Pasta...

It took me some to finally name her, but I've decided to call her Pasta. For so many reasons, foremost of which is that I had a small black dog once named Pasta (1989-1999). Now, I've got a soon-to-be big black dog. That's how long I've loved eating pasta dishes. Since high school! Life in GenSan is almost complete!

Now, this girl is really, really playful! Striking a pose here and there...

Playing with her favorite toy.

Curious as a cat.

She knows how to sit and lie down, too!

You're probably wondering who won the Team Pacquiao shirt, right? Thanks to all of you joined my contest. For a while, I was torn between Midnight and Sandwich, but I really wasn't to keen on calling her that. I listed down all the commenters here, also those that commented on Orman's repost and used to select the winner:

And # 12 on my list is Leonard Pe!!! Thanks to all who joined my mini-contest.


  1. waaahh pasta! ate gamit ko na sa cp ko gift mo! Thanks! Meri pasko!

  2. Hi Pasta!

    You sound delicious!

    Might as well eat you too...heheheh! Joke!

    Welcome to world, PASTA!!!

  3. hehehehe mukang babagay sa kanya ang PASTA. wag lang syang pasaway at baka matawag syang PESTE. hahahahaha! congrats to leonard!


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