Monday, May 17, 2010

GenSan Gems Giveaway!!!

Here's something for you, my readers! I have been featuring the many things I like in GenSan (my life in GenSan, that is) in this blog, I thought I'd share with you some of the products here in a monthly giveaway. There's more to GenSan, than Manny Pacquio and tuna, you know! Every month there's a giveaway. These may include jams, dried fruits, Pacman souvenir items, tuna products, vegetables like asparagus, or maybe something cooked up by A Scientist in the Kitchen.

For this month, May, I'm giving a way fruit jams made by Kablon farms. I'm giving away two packs of Kablon fruit jams so there'll be two winners this month.

Here's how to join:

1. To join, you must leave a valid comment (no spamming, please) any of the posts here at GenSan Gems.

2. Make sure you leave a valid email address. Only winners will be contacted but I will be announcing your name/pen name in this blog with links to your personal website (if you leave one).

3. Prizes can only be shipped to a Philippine address via LBC. So if you live abroad, you must  be able to provide a Philippine address of a family member or friend to which I can mail the marmalade.

4. I will draw the winner(s) on the 1st day of the succeeding month via

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