Friday, August 27, 2010

Where the last two months went...

I have not been maintaining this blog as I should, I know. Probably I needed this jolt from Gilbert Tan's  My Top Ten Most Influential Emerging Blogs for 2010 nomination (whew, quite a mouthful!). Yay! I have not been chronicling my life in GenSan as I should. Well, here are some of the highlights in the last two months.

1. Road trip/food trip to Marbel and back

Worked mixed with lakwatsa... visit to a friend's farm, eating halo-halo at a roadside eatery, and a visit to the Durian Garden in Polomolok.

Patotim, one of the best versions I've had as cooked by Sir Ernie. Gagayahin ko `to!
Buko halohalo in one of eateries in the outskirts of Marbel.
Lepton tea (get it? hehe) at Durian Garden

2. Had pizza, and more pizza plus beer with my colleagues. Great way to end the day! Pizza means great results at work, and celebrating these achievements.
Pizza and beer at Shakeys. We also tried Calda Pizza a few time. 

3. Having my fill of crabs at Red Trellis Seafood Garden (check out my review).
Crabs in butter sauce

4. Visiting Iligan (a place called home) after many years

I ate Iligan lechon again after five years! Still the best lechon. More than a meter away and the aroma is tantalizing me already (burp!)

Little known jewel of Iligan, the MSU-IIT Museum. 
Conceptualizing a workshop on bioinformatics for graduate students and teachers of local colleges in Northern Mindanao. This, I want to do again!!!

5. Bonding time with my family on my mom's side in Iligan
With my apo, at a cousin's wedding. 
With mom's brother

6. My cousin's wedding
My cousin, Dave, waiting for his bride. He cried the moment he saw his bride walk the aisle.
7. Giving a lecture during a farmers' forum
This was catered by Jollibee (hehehe). I also had one of the best menudo I've tasted in our host's home. The highlight of course, was interacting with the famers.

8. Bonding time with Socsksargen Bloggers 
At the Robinsons' Wifi Party for Bloggers (Thanks Orman!). I did miss the anniversary party of Ganda Ever So Much (sayang, all those prizes and food, err, I mean all those bloggers I could have met!)

9. Judging at the Regional Eliminations for the Cheez Whiz' Palamantasan.
Two members of the XB GenSan were there, I had to have my picture even if I haven't watch them yet!

10. Not complete without Pasta
I enjoyed long walks with Pasta girl, she's grown so much since I blogger about her:

It's a bit hectic offline, with field visits to corn fields in between, pollination and of course lots of cooking at A Scientist in the Kitchen.


  1. Hmp!

    Si Orman lang binanggit mo ha? Ako nag-invite sa iyo sa Wifi party no?


    Hehhe! Dapat kasi, ina-update pirme ang personal blog. Buti na lang, andyan si Sir Gilbert!

    Welcome back Gay! Now let's blog some more!

  2. Gay, you should write about meeting your maternal relatives in Iligan. Don't forget a post about the lechon too :)


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